The Louisiana Supported Living Network is a state-wide association, representing more than 300 private community providers. Combined we support more than 20,000 older adults and people with disabilities.


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Membership Meeting

March 26,2020


Bluebonnet Regional Library

9200 Bluebonnet Blvd, 70810



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April 23,2020


Bluebonnet Regional Library

9200 Bluebonnet Blvd, 70810

  • To support older adults and people with disabilities in enjoying  life conditions and opportunities at least as good as those of respected citizens.

  • To support inclusion and personal community memberships.

  • To build a capable and stable workforce.

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DoJ Campaign to Expand Services


The Network is working closely with the federal Department of Justice to promote litigation vs the State re the illegal confinement of 4000 people with severe mental illness in nursing facilities. DoJ is demanding community support and services for all 4000 people. This will represent minimally a $2.5 billion expansion of in-home support.

The Network organizes Quarterly Membership Meetings which feature state and national level officials. The Network annually presents four full-day training workshops to member agencies on best practices in support design and management. 


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