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About SLN

The Louisiana Supported Living Network is a state-wide association, representing more than 300 private community providers. Combined we support more than 20,000 older adults and people with disabilities.


Inform and Educate
The Network organizes Quarterly Membership Meetings which feature state and national level officials. The Network annually presents four full-day training workshops to member agencies on best practices in support design and management.



Shape Policy
The Network has led the fight for Medicaid Expansion, which we won on January 12, through the Governor’s executive order. The Expansion will save a mid-sized agency at least $20,000 monthly in Affordable Care Act obligations.

The Network has launched the Rate Increase Now Campaign, which will introduce rate increase legislation in the February Special Session.



Our Mission

  • To support older adults and people with disabilities in enjoying life conditions and opportunities at least as good as those of respected citizens.

  • To support inclusion and personal community membership.

  • To build a capable and stable workforce .





What is The Network


The Louisiana Supported Living Network was organized in 1998 as the voice of in-home support providers and advocates. When the Network was founded there were fewer than 50 in-home support providers in LA. By 2001, owing to the Network’s assertive advocacy LA had become the preeminent state in the nation regarding the number of in-home support providers and the access to in-home support by both people with disabilities and older adults. The budget for in-home support exceeded a billion dollars, a thousand per cent increase. From 1998 to 2001 in-home support providers assisted more than 150 inmates of state institutions to move to their own homes and apartments; this deeply changed the pattern of institutionalization of the previous decade during which people had moved from state schools to group homes. Person-Centered Planning was the platform for everyone moving from institutions: The mission was to support people to enjoy lives at least as good as our most respected citizens, a mission that was realized for many.
Our recent history is defined by the relentless attack on our industry by the nursing home lobby and the Jindal DHH. We have exposed lethal and shameful conditions in LA nursing homes and the 50,000 person wait list for in-home support, both the result of failed DHH and legislative leadership. Currently we are fighting for a rate increase and a massive expansion of in-home support. Our motto is “Not One Step Back”.


Bruce Blaney, Network Coordinator: For more than 30 years Bruce has been a leader in the fields of aging and disabilities, directing disability agencies in Louisiana and Washington, DC, authoring dozens of articles, conducting values and planning workshops in 30 states and Europe, and organizing advocacy initiatives in Louisiana and nationally. His knowledge, values and spirit inform and inspire the Network.

Jacquelyn Blaney, Network Coordinator: For three decades, Jacquelyn has directed Independent Living Inc., a person-centered, in-home support organization in Baton Rouge. Her agency is nationally recognized for community inclusion and as the national model of the human service agency as a network of person-centered teams. Jacquelyn is a gifted trainer, organizer and advocate, who brings competence and inspiration to the Network.

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